Unlocking the potential of advertising

MEG is a global marketplace where advertisers and media owners can buy and sell premium inventory

Simple Effective Efficient

Giving advertisers more choice

MEG opens up a world of different advertising opportunities in one marketplace, across a number of territories and channels... accessible to all types of budgets


Radio and Podcasts


Events, Influencers, Media Rights


Physical and Online


Discover opportunities beyond digital and social buys

Our easy-to-use trading platform allows access to some of the best premium inventory in the world.

Buyers can explore, bid and purchase different types of advertising placements against their chosen genre, target audience, content, day and time.


Get the most out of your marketing budgets

The MEG Platform offers ad placements that reach large captivated audiences. These placements provide the reach for advertisers to scale fast, supercharge their campaigns and all tailored to your budget.


Breaking down barriers by bringing advertisers in direct contact with media owners

We’ve streamlined traditional processes and created a safe environment where only the right trades get accepted.

Search for next week's inventory and buy within minutes.

The platform offers full transparency, saves time whilst offering cost effective solutions.

The Platform

MEG gives you the flexibility to find your placements using filters that are relevant to your campaign


Search by viewership and audience


Search from variety of Genres including Sports, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, Travel, Technology and News


Search by date, day, day part, break and position in break


Select your budget


Search by TV, Audio, Sponsorship, Cinema and Print

Great adverts deserve to be alongside the best content.

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