TV simplified

We believe that brands and broadcasters should be able to trade TV advertising efficiently and transparently.

About Us What we offer

Our Mission – to bring simplicity back to an unnecessarily complicated process

Our platform allows brands to compare and buy advertising space like never before. We make it simple for brands to see where value is in the marketplace and give broadcasters direct access to brands by cutting out opaque and expensive middlemen. Our proposition is unique and our proprietary technology simplifies the marketplace.

We’re future proofing the TV Industry

We know that the management of TV advertising is complex. We've created an independent trading system that simplifies the current model without compromising on quality, relevance or safety. More, we've worked with brands and channels to reimagine what our industry should stand for:


Offering more choice, control and value.


Enabling dynamic pricing, inventory upload and management.


Ensuring a high quality of advertising and that ads are shown in the right place and right time.


Oversight of the market, the pricing and reconciliation .

Cost Effective

Only 1% commission on each trade.

Our Marketplace features

Customizable dashboards

See how your portfolio is tracking in real-time.

Insights and reporting

Plan and measure with multiple audience data partners under one roof.

Dynamic pricing

Influence market prices in real time

Immediate reconciliation

Trades are reconciled at the point of approval.

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