Welcome to the new age of advertising

Our platform automates an otherwise manual process, making it quicker and easier to find the audience and placement for you.

Trading commissions ranging from just 3% to 10%

We turn advertising slots into a trade-able commodity, and our proprietary technology stack prevents market manipulation. Pricing is live and determined by the market with media owners retaining full and final control of sales.

Our marketplace

Our platform has the ability for advertisers to target broadcaster slots linked to programming, time of day and even the position in each break.

Our search engine connects the most relevant eyeballs from the available inventory direct to the brand campaign.


Media owners provide first-party demographics which are incorporated alongside rich third-party data, giving brands the visualisation tools that they need. Brands can use these measurable stats throughout their planning and analysis phases of their campaign.

Brands can quickly and easily drill down to see exact slot availability and place bids for simple completion.

Managing trades

Our trade desk enables media owners to have visibility on all of the bids on their inventory in one place. From here, you can manage and track your inventory, and even talk directly to brands.

Brands also have full visibility of the slots they have bid on, bought, or sold down to the position in break.

Want to know more?

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