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TV buying needed to be simplified. We have achieved this.

We know brands are looking for more control and efficiency over their media buying. As a result, in-housing is growing exponentially but TV is still tricky for advertisers. It doesn't need to be. We have carefully developed a technology that makes TV trading brand friendly, giving advertisers and agencies the opportunity to connect directly with a range of TV channels in one place. Brands will achieve:

 Cost Savings

  • Enjoy transparent rates with no hidden margin.​
  • Compare channels, side by side.​
  • Influence prices with our bidding system. ​
  • Avoid wastage and sell inventory that you don’t need via our secondary market.

 Insights and learnings

  • See the market “at a glance” for the first time. ​
  • Plan efficiently with multiple integrations providing projected audience reach. ​
  • Measure your brand hygiene, audience, and ROI.
  • See what you have spent and its impact with our tailored dashboards. ​
  • Benefit from multiple measurement partners under one roof.​

 Access and control

  • Know exactly what you have bought and how it has performed.​
  • Leave siloed buying behind, with all channels in one place. ​
  • Access connected and linear; pre, peak and post peak. ​
  • Filter based on your audience needs and unlock new buying opportunities.​


  • We make media accessible and accountable.
  • Complete transparency on what you buy and sell.​
  • No hidden rebates, no penalties, no vested interests, no upfront commitment.​
  • Access to insight partners chosen for their quality, accuracy, and efficacy

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