For Media Owners

Maximise revenue, access and control

Create new revenue opportunities

Advertisers are changing the way they buy media. They want more control over their ad buy and this creates new opportunities for media owners. Through our platform, media owners will be able to unlock new potential:


  • Value based trading; minimal commission fee each side on each trade.
  • Direct access to demand in one place, and around the clock.
  • Get access to emerging brands and new advertising budgets.
  • Sell on relevance as well as audience size.
  • Enjoy instant reconciliation.


  • It’s not programmatic. It’s a fit-for-purpose trading exchange.
  • Developed to give you both control and oversight.
  • Safeguarding technology to filter out inappropriate adverts.
  • Seamlessly deliver brand suitability for audiences.
  • Discretion on the final price.


  • Simplify your inventory management.
  • Plan and track with our tailored dashboards.
  • Maximise value with specific inventory insights.
  • Realtime bid information.
  • Access supply side market behaviours.


  • A neutral marketplace, with fair visibility of all channels.
  • Relevancy prevails when connecting brands with channel inventory.

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