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Our Mission – to bring simplicity back to an unnecessarily complicated process

Our platform, using its patent-pending proprietary technology, allows brands to compare, bid on and purchase ad space directly from broadcasters. Our time and space offering is unique in the market and is far more fit for purpose. This gives us an edge over other platforms. We will impact the market through:

 Transparent pricing

Pricing will be live and will be determined by the market rather than by the media agency

 Asset information

Advertisers will be able to know exactly which slots they are buying and take control of their media plan

 Performance measurement

Our technology will allow advertisers to compare performance of different asset types for the first time


Providing a liquid market will increase revenue for TV channels and will allow fair pricing for advertisers

 Secondary market

We will create a secondary market to eliminate the penalties that currently exist so that traders can buy and offload assets smoothly

 Budget flexibility

Our exchange will allow advertisers to test campaigns without having to commit their entire budget to them, giving them better cashflow and reducing risk

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