Get ready to plunge into an unforgettable weekend at Insomnia!

28th March 2024 by Steven Dean

From sipping on six months' worth of Tetley Tea to rubbing elbows with Minecraft legends, this event is packed with excitement and thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

First up, let's talk about Tetley Tea. Picture this: you could be the lucky winner of a six-month supply of Tetley Tea just by getting the fastest lap on Mario Kart?! Whether you're a die-hard tea lover or just enjoy a cozy cuppa now and then, this prize is sure to keep you caffeinated and satisfied for months to come.

But that's just the beginning. Insomnia isn't just about winning prizes – it's also a chance to meet gaming legends face to face. And this weekend, Minecraft fans are in for a treat. Get ready to mingle with some of the biggest names in the Minecraft community, none other than Jelly and Slogo. Upon writing this blog, the tickets to meet these two have sold out BUT you can see them on stage going head to head in some intense Minecraft build challenges which will include audience participation. Check out some Jelly and Slogo content here.

Whats going on at Insomnia?

Get ready for some serious gaming showdowns at Insomnia! The esports arena is where all the action is happening, featuring popular games like Overwatch 2, Valorant, and FC24.

In Valorant, players will compete in the Valorant Women's Cup, sponsored by EE and GiantX. This special tournament showcases talented female gamers as they battle it out for victory.

Meanwhile, Counter-Strike 2 iSeries Open promises thrilling matches, with Greyhart and Veracity as your hosts. It's going to be a blast watching teams fight for the top spot.

So, if you're into esports, this is only a snippet of whats around this weekend! Get ready to cheer on your favorite players and witness some unreal gaming moments.

With Indie games and stalls aplenty there is sure to be a lot to see and do here this weekend! So make sure you’ve got your best walking shoes on!

I caught up with a few of our team members and to ask them one simple question each to give us a little insight on how Media Exchange Group is, and will be impacted by events like Insomnia Gaming Festival

David – Media Exchange Group CEO - How do you see events like Insomnia benefiting Media Exchange Group? - For us, Insomnia has several attractive characteristics. It is a great sense check for where the gaming industry is from a grassroots, fans, and innovation perspective. More recently, creators have joined the party, and this has massively enriched the festival. It is a great opportunity for publishers / developers to better their relationships with creators. It also is a fantastic setting for brands and creators to educate themselves about each other, and how to work together.

Charlotte – Media Exchange COO - Do you think events like Insomnia gaming festival will be a big part of MEGs future plans in networking with brands and creators? - Big events like Insomnia are an important part of our strategy. They not only provide a great opportunity to engage with the creator community in person and meet the brands already in the space but the event allows us to introduce new advertisers wanting to get into gaming.

Lex - Head of Media and Trading - how does insomnia benefit the esports and gaming creators? - Insomnia has been a stalwart for the Esports & Gaming community allowing Creators and teams to interact in a neutral ground and Academy teams to get active games and exposure. I feel it will always have a vital place in the community and look forward to it continuing to be pivotal in the accessibility of esports and competitive gaming.

Jordane – Global Partnerships Manager - How do you as partnerships manager benefit from events like insomnia? Going to events like Insomnia which try to have a creator-focus help me to meet new faces and expand my reach. Putting a face to a name and sitting down for a drink helps solidify the relationship, and thats what I want. Everything is too formal in an email for my liking so getting to meet creators (and brands!) face to face and really drive home what my aim is helps in the long run. Putting Media Exchange Group at the forefront of a creators growth sounds better said than written, especially when your stuck in the center of a gamer-centric environment with like-minded people.

Over the next couple of days on the MEG social medias I’ll be catching up with a couple of creators and brands that are attending the event and asking them a couple of questions to find out what they think about Insomnia Gaming Festival, so keep an eye out for that.

One thing’s for sure, Insomnia is a safe haven for everyone who adores gaming, just like we do at Media Exchange Group. So if you are attending, have fun and dive head first into the UKs no.1 gaming event.