BULLA CO: Delivering Youth Audiences

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Bulla Co is a leading Gen Z focused Tiktok creative asset provider. They utilise the student audience and have a large base of Micro Creators to deliver bespoke Geo-targeted campaigns.

Benefits of a Micro Creator

  • Their audiences are niche and more devoted to the creator’s brand so engagement is higher.
  • Their content is more targeted around specific interests, genres or even locations.
  • The result is highly relevant campaigns for the brand and strong engagement rates.

How Bulla Co works with brands

They ensure your brand resonates with the audience by sense checking campaigns directly with their audience and deliver powerful cut through by:​

  • Providing insight and feedback to your brand from weekly focus groups ​
  • Using a trusted micro influencer network hand crafted to match your campaign needs​
  • Select creators based on your content type and tone of voice.​
  • 60% of the Bulla Co team is Gen Z - recruiting directly from their peer to peer network
  • Guaranteed delivery and analysis of your campaigns

Bulla Co: Influencers covering all genres

From lifestyle, gaming, tech, beauty, fashion and comedy, Bulla Co creators are reaching strong engagement rates of up to 35% with their audiences.

Example package:

Gold Package: £75,000

  • Pieces of content: 20​
  • Guaranteed min imps: 3,800,000+​
  • Usage Rights: 12 months organic repost​
  • Your market and demographic targeting​

Bolt on options

  • Paid media usage for platform distribution for example to paid advertising on TikTok, Meta, Twitter etc. ​

Extended Usage - In perpetuity, organic and paid media rights.