For Media Owners / Onboarding

Resource Onboarding Check list - For Media Owners

Super User/ Finance user

  1. Receive welcome email
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Set up your company and bank details (if applicable)
  4. Invite your team

Business User

  1. Receive welcome email
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Add Programmes
  4. Upload your CSV
  5. Upload your audience data
  6. Send your T&Cs or any advertiser instructions to

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Roles and Responsibilities - Have you nominated a super user and do you know how you are going to structure your team on the MEG platform?

The super user will be responsible for setting up and managing the MEG account, they will have access to the entire account and will have the ability to assign access to different roles as needed.

They will also be MEG’s primary contact and a subject matter expert for your internal teams.

2. Buying and Selling TokensWho in your organisation will be responsible for token purchase and withdrawals?

Buying Tokens: This process will be done via BACS transfer using a unique reference code that we will share with you on the platform. VAT will be added on top of all token purchases.

As soon as the transfer has completed you will be able to access and download the invoice from the ‘Transactions’ menu in your account.

Withdrawing Tokens: The request can be made to withdraw tokens at any time and all withdrawals will be reconciled on a monthly basis. As soon as the request is made, MEG will auto generate an invoice on behalf of the brand with VAT added to the total amount. This will also be available to access from the ‘Transactions’ menu in your account.

For Broadcasters, withdrawals should be done on a regular basis and MEG reserves the right to transfer the full available balance into the Broadcaster’s account as necessary.

Managing your data

Programme information, inventory and viewership data can all be managed from the Data Centre tab that can be found on the main navigation.

  1. Add Programmes: In this area you will be able to add and amend your programme information and assign each programme to a genre and suitability category. This information will be added to the marketplace filters and increase the searchability of your content. You will also be able to grab the programme IDs that you will use in the inventory upload.
  1. Inventory Upload: Please read this CSV guide to download the template and read instructions on how to fill in the CSV. Please make sure this information is as accurate as possible before uploading onto the system.
  1. Upload viewership data: Viewership is a key metric advertisers will use when searching the marketplace and they will be able to see by viewership and demo data by episode.

Broadcasters can upload viewership either by day part or programme and the system will automatically assign the data accordingly to each episode. Each upload will overwrite what is already in the system and this can be done as many time as needed. Please see Upload Viewership for information and downloadable templates.

What you want Advertisers to know

  1. Buyer’s T&Cs: These will be added as a link for Advertisers to read just before they bid. If you do not have T&Cs, this link could also be used to outline what advisers need to do next if the bid is successful. The Buyer’s T&Cs will also be added to the resources section. Please send to:
  1. Next Steps instructions: This is a document that give the advertisers a set of instructions on what they need to do next once a bid has been successful. This will be added to the resources section.

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