Let gamers build passion around your brand.

MEG has an engaged community of cosplay creators ready to bring your brand to life through storytelling, competitions and events.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is an art form and a way to show appreciation for different characters and the stories they come from. It is an opportunity to connect with other fans of the same character, stories and fandoms.

Cosplay is a fast growing market(1)

  • 2023: $4.93 Billion
  • CAGR: + 6.7%
  • Projected size 2030: $7.76 Billion

Key Regions

  • East Asia: Japan, South Korea and China: driven by the region’s rich cultural influence, fan base and association with well-known video games, anime and manga franchises
  • North America and Europe: Driven by popular culture, major conventions and consumers’ high disposable incomes.

Brand opportunities:

Cosplay presents and fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with the gaming community. Using their social media channels creators can inspire and challenge their communities to create new characters, storylines themes and based brand attributes or campaign goals. This can be in the form of competitions, viral videos and event activations.

Brand benefits

  • Authentic connection and engagement with the gaming community
  • Content creation and innovation
  • Ability to amplify and create communities around your campaign
  • Access a strong female audience - 64% of Cosplayers are women

Example package:

Budget: $70,000

Concept: Cosplay creators to release content related to your brand IP over a series of weeks. They will direct their communities to the branded content and encourage them to create and share inspired looks based on your IP or game for the chance to win in a competition.

EU and US Creators

South Korea Creators

  • 8x TikTok videos - featuring the progression of the cosplay released weekly​
  • 4x Instagram reels – highlighting progress used for amplification​
  • 4x Twitter Post – announcing new video and progress updates for content amplification
  • 1 x Youtube Content Video ​
  • 5 x Instagram Photo Posts​
  • 5 x Instagram Reels  ​
  • Talent will direct creators to try out the skin and share on their own channels how they have been inspired by the new lore and the skin​

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