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Resource Inventory Upload

Before you upload your inventory

You will need to create your channels and programmes. To do this you will need to go to 'Data Centre' and 'Manage Content'.

  • To create a channel:
    • Select the ‘Create channel’ button
    • Fill out all of the relevant detail for this channel and save
    • You can choose to select one or multiple regions for your channels. To select multiple, please use Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) on your keyboard and select as many regions that apply
    • You can edit the channel by clicking on the 3 dots inline with the channel
    • This will then generate a channel ID which you'll need for your inventory upload
    • Please note: a channel will not appear until a programme has also been created
  • To create a programme:
    • Select the ‘Create programme’ button
    • Fill out all of the relevant detail for this programme and save
    • Each programme will appear on it’s own line
    • You can edit the programme by clicking on the 3 dots inline with the programme
    • This will then generate a programme ID which you'll need for your inventory upload
Upload Inventory

Uploading your Inventory

The information in your Inventory CSV Upload need to match with the formats programmed in our database. This means that a small error could result in problems uploading. The below guidelines will help you mitigate these errors and get you up and running quickly on the MEG platform.


  • Programme IDs: These can be found from the 'Manage Content' tab in the Data Centre navigation as specified earlier.
  • Programme/ Season: Each row in the CSV can be considered as a season of episodes. If the airing time of the episodes are repetitive (same day(s), time(s)) then all that needs to be done is add 1st broadcast date, time, frequency, number of broadcast days and the system will calculate the rest.
  • If you are uploading new episodes for the same programme, you will need to increase the season number by 1.
  • Restrictive categories – these are a chance to filter out brand categories that should not appear on the channel. Please copy and paste the relevant categories below into the CSV.
  • BP = Base Price. In these columns, you will add your rate card for each length of creative. Please do not add currency symbols.
  • 1st Slot, 2nd Slot, Last Slot allows you to add a price % uplift to these positions
  • 7WK UP, 6WK UP etc: This is also if you want to add a price uplift in the weeks before the programme airs.


  • If you are working on the document in .xls, you will need to convert to .csv (by saving as .csv) before uploading onto the platform
  • Do not change column headers
  • Prog ID column should have a programme ID as opposed to a programme name. You can create your ID’s on the MEG platform. MEG can supply these during soft launch.
  • Time is always in the HH:MM ie 00:00 format. Do not add seconds.
  • Days of Broadcast are the actual days the episodes are shown. For example, if there is an episode once a week and 8 days are specified, this would be 8 weeks worth of inventory.
  • If there are different values in one cell, please use a comma to separate each value,
  • If a value is 0 or N/A – please leave blank
  • Days of the week are 3 letters only (and this includes wed and thu)
  • Frequency should be completed in the following example format:
    • weekly(sat,sun)
    • monthly
    • weekends
    • daily
    • daily(weekends)
  • All break lengths in sec should be multiples of 5 or 10 seconds
  • All uplifts should be a whole number and have a %
  • All prices should be whole numbers and NOT have a currency symbol
  • The restricted categories are as follows, please use the exact wording




Pharmaceuticals & Medicine

Travel & Tourism



Food & Beverages

Hygiene & Beauty Care

Real Estate





Faith & Religion

Adult Products & Services

Tobacco & Marijuana Products

Weapons & Gun Clubs

Cryptocurrencies & Crypto Trading

Forex & FX Trading



Containing Nicotine

Not Containing Nicotine

Tourism Boards

Alcoholic Beverages

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Infant Formula Or Baby Milk

Charities, Foundations & NGOs

Trade & Investment Boards




Cosmetic Treatments

Banking & Insurance

Political Advertising

General Political Advertising

Lobby Group & Trade Union

Advertising By Governments

Public Information Campaigns

Suitability categories

  • No restriction
  • Over 10
  • Over 13
  • Over 16
  • Over 18

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