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Resource Viewing Inventory

Once you have uploaded your inventory, it will begin to populate within the 'Portfolio' section of the platform.

To view your Owned Inventory:

This is classed as any inventory you have already uploaded through the CSV upload. This will be any inventory that you haven't yet sold.

  • Select ‘Portfolio’ and you will automatically land on the ‘owned inventory’ page
  • Select the channel you would like to view
  • You will be able to see all of the programmes you have uploaded along with:
    • First and last air date
    • Frequency and time of broadcast
    • % of time sold
    • Pending bids requiring action

To view your Sold Inventory:

This is classed as any inventory that has been sold after you have accepted a bid.

  • Select ‘Portfolio’ and then select ‘Sold inventory’
  • You will see a list of bids that you have accepted along with:
    • The details of the programme
    • The date and time
    • The position in break
    • The brand
    • The price of the bid
  • You can also refund brands for their bids within this section. To do so:
    • Select the relevant bid by ticking the box inline with the bid
    • Select the 'refund' button and confirm
    • Please note, this is irreversible once confirmed

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